E-Waste Awareness At Divyashree Park, Bangalore By Earth5R

Sadhna Singh, Ayesha Mehrotra and Kavitha Jain of the Bangalore Earth5R team conducted an e-waste awareness drive at Divyashree Park, Shantinagar, Bangalore on 9th August 2015.

They walked around the park, striking up conversations with the people present on the basics of e-waste management. A dialogue on e-waste identification and disposal, E-waste collection centres at different locations, its reuse and recycling generated a great exchange of information. The harmful effects of E-waste on individual health and the environment were discussed.

This E-waste awareness drive was aimed at encouraging people to undertake reuse and recycling. Through this, they were also encouraged to use electronics gadgets that are designed for easy upgrading or disassembly. Patrons at the park were also encouraged to upgrade to the latest, more efficient models of the electronic gadgets they use.

It was heartening to see an interested positive response from the people at the park; several promised to take this information back to their families and communities. The awareness drive was successful in garnering interest and in building a conversation towards better management of E-waste.

Report by Ayesha Mehrotra. Edited by Vandita Morarka