EarthTalk On Hygiene And Health: New Delhi Slums

India is a country where  almost 1/4th of its people still live in slums and statistics unveil that 3 out of every 5 residential areas are surrounded by encroachment of slums. 

In slums, life is shrouded by a blanket of unhygienic and unhealthy living conditions which are a house for innumerable infectious diseases, further adding to the misery of life for the people in slums.

With this concern at the back of mind, an Earth Talk on hygiene and health was conducted by Sanchi Singh, member of Earth5R, Delhi on  12 October, 2015. It enlightened the children about the importance of a clean environment and various effective measures to adopt for saving the primary resources of our environment -land, air and water by making small changes in our habits.

Eager kids actively participated in the session and a question and answer round was conducted in the end to retrospect the active involvement of the kids followed by a little demonstration on how to plant a seedling in a pot by taking all the necessary precautions for a better and a greener environment.

Kids are like the shining hope of a bright future; effective nurturing and a knowledgeable environment can provide as successful means to fight against the debilitating conditions of our environment and planet.

-Written by Sanchi Singh. Edited by Pragya Lodha