Saurabh Gupta, the esteemed founder of Earth5R, was recently honoured with the prestigious CSR award on the World CSR day in Mumbai for his exceptional contributions to sustainability. 

Earth5R, a renowned global organisation operating in over 65 countries, is dedicated to tackling critical environmental issues such as plastic pollution, air pollution, waste management, and water scarcity. With the support of a vast network of over 100,000+ dedicated citizen environmentalists, Earth5R is making a significant impact on the world.

Established in 2014, Earth5R has been recognized as UNESCO Green Citizens, further solidifying their commitment to promoting a sustainable future. 

Their extensive range of initiatives includes addressing concerns like noise pollution, potholes, personal sustainability, urban plantation, waste cleanup, water ecosystem survey, circular economy training, and climate change training. 

In a recent development, Earth5R unveiled an innovative app that allows citizens to report various environmental issues in their locality, a groundbreaking solution that caught the attention of Google in 2023.

Saurabh Gupta, a visionary leader in the field of sustainability, moderated a thought-provoking panel discussion highlighting the transformative impact of Earth5R’s courses on individuals and businesses alike. 

As Earth5R continues to expand its global reach, founder Saurabh Gupta remains at the forefront of promoting sustainable practices and driving positive change in the world. 

With a focus on collaboration and partnership, Earth5R seeks to engage with more companies and NGOs to amplify their impact and create a lasting legacy of sustainability. Join the movement today and be a part of the solution for a greener, more sustainable future.

His leadership has been crucial in organising many detailed and effective projects to tackle the urgent issues of climate change, moving the world towards a greener and more sustainable future.

In addition to his groundbreaking work with Earth5R, Saurabh Gupta also spearheaded a thought-provoking panel discussion, shedding light on how the organisation’s educational programs are empowering individuals to embrace sustainable practices and foster a climate-conscious society.

Saurabh also shared updates about Earth5R’s sustainability educational courses available on

Earth5R Founder Saurabh Gupta at World CSR Day Conference at Taj Lands End, Mumbai

Earth5R Corporate Sustainability courses offer tailor-made curriculum for corporate entities seeking to embed sustainability principles across the organisation. From supply chains and marketing strategies to production, design, finance and ESG Earth5R has covered a wide range of sustainability topics for corporates.  

There are courses on Environmental Sustainability in India (ESG), Social Responsibility and Corporate Citizenship, Governance and Ethics, ESG Reporting and Communication, Sustainability Essentials for the Retail Sector etc

Earth5R provides corporates with the tools to enrich their skill sets and bolster their transition into green economy. 

Earth5R’s comprehensive curriculum has captured the attention of industry leaders and businesses alike. 

The prospect of collaboration with Earth5R has stimulated the interest of industrial experts and corporations, who view the partnership as a strategic opportunity to drive sustainable transformation within their organisations.

The journey of Earth5R under the visionary leadership of Saurabh Gupta stands as a testament to the transformative power of green management and sustainable practices. Garnering international recognition, including a CSR award on World CSR Day, and being acknowledged as a UNESCO Green Citizen, Earth5R has solidified its position as a leader in addressing global environmental challenges. 

With operations in over 65 countries and a robust network of over 100,000 citizen environmentalists, the organization is at the forefront of combating issues ranging from plastic pollution to water scarcity.

Saurabh Gupta’s leadership has not only led to impactful environmental projects but has also fostered a platform for educational empowerment through Earth5R’s sustainability courses. 

These programs are designed to integrate sustainable practices into personal and corporate spheres, ensuring a broad-based approach to environmental stewardship. 

The introduction of an innovative app by Earth5R marks a significant leap forward in enabling community engagement in sustainability efforts, a move that has caught the eye of global tech giant Google.

As Earth5R continues to forge partnerships with companies and NGOs, it remains dedicated to expanding its influence and driving positive change towards a sustainable future. The organization’s focus on comprehensive education, from circular economy training to ESG for corporates, underlines its commitment to equipping individuals and businesses with the knowledge and tools necessary for the green economy transition. 

Saurabh Gupta’s role as a moderator of crucial discussions further emphasizes Earth5R’s commitment to educational outreach and community empowerment.

In closing, Earth5R, spearheaded by Saurabh Gupta, exemplifies the modern, dynamic approach required to tackle the environmental challenges of our time. 

Through education, innovation, and collaboration, Earth5R is not just contributing to the green movement but is leading it, inspiring individuals and corporations alike to join in their mission for a more sustainable, equitable world.