Earth5R Planned A School Event To Raise Awareness About Plastic Waste And Eco-Bricks

Earth5R Planned A School Event To Raise Awareness About Plastic Waste And Eco-Bricks.

Earth5R in partnership with Swiss Staff Foundation organised an Upcycling Workshop for the kids of a Municipal school at Sangarsh Nagar, Chandivali, Mumbai educate them about plastic pollution and the benefits of eco-bricks. The event was designed to engage the kids in a fun and interactive way, with activities such as playing the guitar and singing.

The event started with a presentation about plastic pollution and the impact it has on the environment. The kids were then introduced to the concept of eco-bricks and shown how to create them using plastic waste. They were also taught about the different types of plastic waste that can be used to make eco-bricks.

After the presentation, the kids were divided into groups and given plastic bottles to make eco-bricks. They worked together to stuff the bottles with plastic waste and compact it to create sturdy building blocks. While they worked, they sang along with the guitar and had fun learning about eco-bricks.

Once the eco-bricks were completed, they will be using this to build a small tree guard in their school. The kids are excited to see the end result of their hard work and contribution towards protecting the environment.

The event was a huge success as it not only raised awareness about plastic pollution and the importance of recycling but also provided a fun and engaging way for the kids to learn about these important issues. They left the event feeling empowered and inspired to make a positive impact on the environment.

In conclusion, Earth5R’s eco-brick project is an innovative solution to the problem of plastic pollution. By engaging kids in fun and interactive activities, the organization is creating awareness and inspiring the younger generation to take action and protect the environment. Such events and projects can make a significant difference in building a more sustainable future for our planet.

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