“Earth5R’s Change Driver: Vrunda Tipnis’ Pursuit For A Sustainable Future”

In the busy streets of Mumbai, the Earth5R app is changing how we understand and act on environmental issues. It’s more than an app; it’s a mission to give everyone the power to make a big difference in their local environment.

By making hard environmental data easy to understand, the Earth5R app helps users, like Vrunda Tipnis, to understand the city environment better. The app takes small efforts from everyone and adds them up to make a big difference in creating a cleaner and healthier Earth.

Vrunda used the Earth5R app’s Water Ecosystem Survey to show the high levels of pollution in Prabhadevi, Mumbai. She discovered the unsettling presence of a thin sheet of foam

The scary sight of chemical foam and packaging waste in the seas, recorded through the app, raised people’s awareness and made them take action to clean up. This is the real strength of Earth5R, turning everyday people into heroes of change.

The substantial impact Vrunda Tipnis has made using the Earth5R app in her local environment –

  • Water Ecosystem Survey: Found presence of chemical foam pollution and waste in the at Prabhadevi beach, Mumbai.
  • Tree Count: Found only 60 trees in a 1-kilometre walk in Dadar, Mumbai.
  • Circular Economy Training: Trained 2 people at Shivaji Park, Mumbai.
  • Pothole Survey: Observed zero potholes in a 1-kilometre stretch in Dadar, Mumbai.
  • Waste Analysis: Collected waste in Prabhadevi, Mumbai: 25% Multilayer Packaging, 19% Tetra pack, 38% PET, 13% Glass, 6% Organic.
  • Urban Plantation Activity: Conducted in Dadar, Mumbai to offset personal carbon footprint.
  • Light and Energy Conservation Study: Found a small shop in Dadar, Mumbai using natural light.
  • Climate Change Training: Educated 2 people at a society in Dadar, Mumbai.

Also, using the Earth5R app’s Waste Analysis feature, Vrunda’s survey in Prabhadevi, Mumbai, pointed out the urgent need for people to use things more responsibly and to manage waste better. In her survey, Vrunda found following waste mix:

  • 25% of the collected waste being hard-to-recycle multilayer packaging.
  • Tetra packs made up 19%, a type recyclable but often ending in landfills due to lack of facilities. 
  • The majority, 38%, was PET plastic, often mismanaged and ending up in the environment. 
  • Glass and organic waste made up 13% and 6% respectively.

The app’s tree counting feature shows its dream of greener cities. Vrunda’s counting of only 60 trees in a kilometer area in Dadar, Mumbai, showed the urgent need for more trees in our fast-growing cities.

What’s more, Earth5R helps to push the circular economy. The app gave Vrunda the means to run a Circular Economy Training at Shivaji Park. By teaching two people about how to reduce, reuse, and recycle waste, the app started a wave of good habits in the community.

The app also supports city sustainability with its Pothole Survey feature. Vrunda’s report of no potholes on her route in Dadar, Mumbai, shows the app’s effectiveness in maintaining city roads.

The Earth5R app, therefore, isn’t just a tool; it’s an ongoing mission, a strong movement pushing every user to make a difference in their local environment. By bringing attention to local environmental problems, the app encourages local actions for a worldwide impact. Its easy-to-use interface and educational resources make it a must-have for those who want to make a positive impact on the environment.

In the face of worldwide environmental problems, Earth5R stands as a symbol of hope, allowing people from all walks of life to help create a healthier Earth. Every download, every action, and every user takes us one step closer to the goal of a sustainable future. Because change starts with you, and with Earth5R, you have the power to make that change.

You can make a noticeable impact on sustainability in your locality via Earth5R app’s environmental internship & volunteering opportunities.

Earth5R app’s big data driven, mobile technology enables surveys and active on-the-ground action to help policymakers in creating sustainability

Download the Earth5R environmental app to participate in the Sustainability Revolution.

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