Earth5R News Article: Waste Cleanup, Environmental Training & Survey In Baddi, Himachal Pradesh

In the valleys of Himachal Pradesh, the Earth5R app is giving a new way to think about the environment. This app is more than a digital tool; it’s a quest to enable every user to bring about substantial improvements in their local environment.

The Earth5R app, by making the environment’s difficult information simple, helps users like our friend Abhinay Gautam to understand his area better. This app takes small steps from everyone, and together, they make a big change for a cleaner and healthier world.

Abhinay Gautam used Earth5R app’s Water Ecosystem Survey to show the pollution in a river in Baddi. He found disturbing bubbly foam and PET bottles spoiling the river. The river’s brown colour and presence of bubbly foam was a tell-tale sign of the contamination.

His study rightly points out how Baddi, known as the Pharmaceutical hub, is suffering due to  river contamination.The problem of pollution in the Sirsa river has been a pressing issue for a while. An article by Hindustan Times dated 24th May 2021, study had shown that industrial waste, including the dangerous ciprofloxacin drug, was being dumped into the river. The level of this drug in the river water was found to be a staggering 1500 times more than the safe limits! Using the Earth5R app, Abhinay brought more attention to this issue. His findings echoed that river pollution is still a problem and firm actions are needed to be taken

This is the real power of Earth5R, making everyday people into soldiers of change.

Here is the big difference Abhinay has made using the Earth5R app in his local environment:

  • Water Ecosystem Survey: He found dangerous chemical pollution and PET bottle waste in a river at Baddi, Himachal Pradesh. The river had turned brown and the presence of bubbly foam was a clear sign of pollution.
  • Tree Count: In his 1-kilometre walk in Saya, Himachal Pradesh, he found only 12 trees. This shows that planting trees can work if it is done in a way that is more in line with local biophysical and social contexts.
  • Climate Change Training: He conducted training at CETP Baddi Himachal Pradesh and taught 6 people about the dangers of climate change and what we can do about it. 
  • Pothole Survey: He walked a kilometre at Sector 1, Nayagaon, and found 4 potholes. The poor condition of roads due to potholes in Nayagaon had raised protests earlier in 2017 as well, where residents came together to raise concern regarding the road safety issue. 
  • Waste Hotspot Survey: In his 1-kilometre walk at Mahapara, he found 4 places where waste was collected. 
  • Light and Energy Conservation Study: He highlighted a Departmental Store in Himachal Pradesh that uses natural light instead of electric lights. This is a good example for others to save energy.

Abhinay Gautam’s Waste Hotspot Survey, underlines the fact that effective policies need to be formulated to tackle various waste related problems like solid waste management, seepage of effluents in ground water and sewage water treatment. These problems become increasingly important as more and more Industries are being welcomed by Himachal Pradesh

Earth5R is not just an app; it’s a continuous effort, a strong movement encouraging every user to make a difference in their local environment. With Earth5R, every user is a step towards a greener, sustainable future. Remember, change starts with you, and Earth5R gives you the power to make that change.

You have the opportunity to make a noticeable impact on your area’s cleanliness and health through Earth5R app’s environmental internship & volunteering opportunities. So why wait? Download the Earth5R environmental app to join the Sustainability Revolution.

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