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Eco-Sanitation Facilities Construction

Access to water, sanitation and hygiene is a human right, yet billions are still faced with daily challenges accessing even the most basic of services.

Around 1.8 billion people globally use a source of drinking water that is fecally contaminated.
Some 2.4 billion people lack access to basic sanitation services, such as toilets or latrines.

Water scarcity affects more than 40 per cent of the global population and is projected to rise.

More than 80 percent of wastewater resulting from human activities is discharged into rivers or sea without any treatment, leading to pollution.

Effects of Unhealthy Sanitation

Water and sanitation related diseases remain among the major causes of death in children under five; more than 800 children die every day from diarrhoeal diseases linked to poor hygiene.
Proper water and sanitation is a key foundation for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, including good health and gender equality.

By managing our water sustainably, we are also able to better manage our production of food and energy and contribute to decent work and economic growth. Moreover, we can preserve our water ecosystems, their biodiversity, and take action on climate change.

Earth5R CSR ESG Sanitation Challenge Earth5R Mumbai

Sanitation Challenge in India

In India, a country experiencing rapid urbanization and a burgeoning population, sanitation problems pose serious risks to both health and the environment.

To solve these challenges head-on, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives are playing an increasingly vital role in fostering positive transformation.

India’s population growth and urbanization present significant sanitation challenges.

With more people living in cities, the demand for clean and safe sanitation facilities is higher than ever. Unfortunately, inadequate infrastructure and sanitation systems in many urban areas exacerbate these challenges, leading to health risks and environmental degradation. In response, initiatives like CSR and ESG are crucial in driving meaningful change.

Earth5R, committed to sustainability, understands the urgency of addressing India’s sanitation issues.

Earth5R CSR ESG Eco-sanitation Awareness Initiative Earth5R Mumbai

Earth5R’s eco-sanitation awareness initiative.

Through innovative CSR and ESG programs, Earth5R is dedicated to promoting sustainable development and improving access to eco-sanitation facilities.

By collaborating with local communities and authorities, Earth5R aims to bring about positive change in sanitation practices across the country.

Environmental Challenges in India

India has many problems with sanitation, especially in cities. The population is growing fast, but there aren’t enough good toilets and waste systems. Verified data shows that a lot of people in India still don’t have access to proper toilets, which is not good for health and makes the environment dirty.

Cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai have big issues with sanitation. People sometimes have to go to the bathroom outside, which is not safe, and garbage isn’t always disposed of properly. This makes pollution worse and can lead to diseases spreading.

Earth5R is a leading group working to make things better for the environment. We see that India has big problems with sanitation. So, We’re doing special projects to help.

Earth5R CSR ESG Clean Water Access Projects Mumbai India

Earth5R’s Clean Water Access Program

Earth5R wants to use smart ideas and work with others to make sure everyone has access to good toilets and waste systems. Earth5R is teaming up with local governments and communities to bring about real change in how sanitation is done in India.

Earth5R is doing something to fix sanitation problems in India. In Mumbai, we are working with local communities to build special toilets and waste systems in slum areas.

This helps people to have clean toilets and manage waste properly. In Delhi, we’re teaming up with the city government to set up sewage treatment plants and other systems to clean up water and improve sanitation.

Earth5R’s work is making a real difference all over India. In big cities like Kolkata and Chennai, we have built special toilets that have helped reduce the number of people going to the bathroom outside.

Public Health Improvement

Earth5R CSR ESG Building Washrooms Earth5R Mumbai

Earth5R’s Project for Improvement of Public Health

This has made a big improvement in public health. In rural areas, where there aren’t many toilets, Earth5R’s projects have helped people learn better ways to keep clean, leading to better hygiene for everyone.

Earth5R uses a special phone app to keep track of all the good things people are doing for the environment.

This app helps users see how projects to improve sanitation are going. It also lets people join campaigns to learn more about keeping things clean.

Plus, users can find helpful information on how to make sanitation practices more sustainable. The app is smart because it uses data to see how well things are going and to make sure projects are working as they should.

Earth5R CSR ESG App Sanitation Practice Challenge Earth5R Mumbai

Earth5R App Eco-Sanitation Challenge

Earth5R’s eco-sanitation efforts show how Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) programs can make a big difference in India.

These efforts are all about creating sustainable solutions and making sure everyone has access to clean toilets and waste management systems.

By working together with others and using data to guide their actions, Earth5R is making great progress in improving public health and sanitation across the country.

With the Earth5R app, people can join in these efforts, track their contributions, and keep the momentum going toward better sanitation practices for all.

Earth5R’s eco-sanitation efforts are leading India towards a healthier future for all.