Environmental Awareness and Social Entrepreneurship Program at Pune

Sonam Sengar from Pune conducted Environmental Awareness and Social Entrepreneurship Program at Sutardara, Pune.  She spoke to the slum residents about common environmental issues that affect people on day to day basis. She discussed with them the ill effects of burning plastic and how minimizing the use of plastic is going to be beneficial in long term.

She also tried explaining them about how using natural resources carelessly contributes to the environmental issues that they face. Sonam also discussed about the abnormalities in the weather and how unknowingly we have been contributors to these problems.

Several houses in the area have asbestos roofing. Sonam explained them how it affects their health and what could they possibly do to solve this problem. She provided them basic financial literacy.

Later she guided them through social entrepreneurship program. Many women in this area work as domestic helpers and sometimes face problems finding a stable source of income. Sonam explained to them how entrepreneurship could be a great solution to their problems.

Pune Women Empowerement Mumbai India Environmental NGO Earth5R
Pune Social Entrepreneurship Mumbai India Environmental NGO Earth5R

-Reported by Sonam Sengar, Photos by Sutardara community resident

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