Environmental Awareness At Slums In Varanasi

Rishika Jaiswal from Earth5R Varanasi conducted health and environmental awareness program for the people living around Durgakund Road, and Assi Ghat in Varanasi.

The purpose of this program was to build awareness and solution for the problems faced by people living in the slums of Varanasi. The Earth5R team talked about how harmful it is to use wooden chulha & how injurious it is to burn plastic – as it gives off carcinogenic fumes.

Rishika provided the residents with information on recycling and upcycling waste products. Turning waste products into products with market value is a fundamental skill in building a sustainable environment. Rishika also introduced the slum residents to the livelihood generation program by Earth5R.

During the visit, Rishika educated the slum residents on health impacts of burning plastic and asbestos roofing – both of which are carcinogenic in nature.

Rishika also talked about financial literacy and acquainted them with the bank account opening procedures. She urged them to take up entrepreneurship in which Earth5R could help them with the training and access to the market.

It is alarming to know how many people are unaware of the harmful effects of material they use on a day to day basis. Earth5R’s intention with this program is to help people stop or minimize the use of these harmful materials.

It was interesting to note how with little education a huge impact can be created on people’s lives. Earth5R will continue conducting such programs in other parts of Varanasi.

– Reported by Rishika Jaiswal. Edited by Shaivya Sahare.