Environmental Awareness Workshop At Pune

Sonam Sengar from Earth5R team Pune, went to a construction site on Warje road for environmental awareness community development program. There are around 30-40 houses in this area and she spoke to the residents about environmental issues that affect their health. The people there were very interactive and were also interested in knowing about the health issues they could possibly be facing and were unaware about.

She spoke to them about the ill-effects of burning wood and plastic. The residents had a good discussion about how consuming hot food packed in plastic causes harm to our body. Sonam Sengar also provided them a training in financial literacy and how they could efficiently manage their finances and save for future.

Sonam guided them through the Earth5R Social Entrepreneurship programme and how it could solve their financial problems. Sonam guided the locals how making sustainable products could play a great role in waste management and provide them livelihood at the same time.

Reported by Sonam Sengar, Photo by Warje Road slum resident, Edited by Anushka Mehta.