Europe’s Climate Policies Risk Being Weakened, 10 Countries Warn

Environmental News from Europe: 

Germany, Denmark, Slovenia, and seven other European Union countries on Wednesday warned of attempts to weaken the bloc’s climate change policies, which they said are pushing negotiators towards deals that could thwart the region’s green goals.

In a joint statement, the countries said such efforts were happening both among EU states and the European Parliament, without naming specific countries or lawmakers.

“We are looking with rising concern at the different calls to water down ambition across the files … and the concessions made in the context of finding compromises,” said the statement, led by Denmark and also signed by Austria, Spain, Finland, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Sweden.

“Seen in isolation, these changes might seem justified or limited in impact, but adding them all up we risk missing the mark by 2030 and setting us on an impossible trajectory thereafter,” it said.

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Source: Reuters