Greener And Sustainable Living On Earth For The Future

House owners use chemicals that are 10 times more toxic per acre, than the amount used by the farmers which polutes the components of environment. Around 1000 children die in India every year due to diseases caused from the polluted water.

Sargam Kalra from the team of Earth5R, Pune conducted an inspiring session for children at DSK Vishwa Road, Dhayri in association with an NGO- Door Step School. Attended by around 40 kids of the age between 4-12 years, it was an amazing opportunity to discuss and talk about key issues related to our environment and how could the issues be dealt with.

The kids were shown audio video presentations on environmental themes, showing stories as to how they can save water, save trees on a day-to-day basis and bring it to real practice. After that, flashcards were distributed depicting ways to save the Earth’s resources like water, energy, trees and wildlife. 

They were explained as to how they could contribute in simple ways. For example, planting of saplings, saving water, etc. This was followed by a drawing competition in which the children were provided with sheets and colors and they were asked to copy the landscape made by me on the blackboard. after the activity, candies and chocolates were distributed as a token of love. 

The session was concluded with a small tour to the construction sites. The children were made aware of the environmental blunders like the severe wastage of water and the ill-maintenance of plants. This visit helped them get acquainted to the ground realities of the state of nature around.

The activity turned out to be a successful milestone to create awareness and motivation to achieve the goal of a greener and more sustainable living on Earth.

-Report by Sargam Kalra. Edited by Pragya Lodha