Improving The Environment Of Gandhinagar: Plantation Drive By Earth5R

Did you know that if trees were properly placed around buildings, they could reduce air conditioning needs by 30%?

“The conservation of trees is only possible when the society understands its importance” – with this agenda, the Gandhinagar (Gujarat) Earth5R team members: Harshit Dave and Ketul Patel decided to go door to door to  talk about the importance of environment and discuss the importance of neem tree plantations. The agenda was to improve the environment of Gandhinagar through a plantation drive.

The team started by visiting the near-by houses and talking to local people. People discussed environmental issues and appreciated the work done by the team. Pavan Trivedi, an enthusiastic local invited the duet for making a plantation in his backyard. Seeing this, another local, Jaydeep Gohil joined the team and accompanied the Earth5R team on their plantation drive.

The team discussed various environmental issues and spoke on how tree plantation could be a viable solution to several environmental issues.

Earth5R extended a special thanks to Pavan Trivedi and Jaydeep Gohil for being a part of this movement.

-Reported by Ketul Patel. Edited by Pragya Lodha