Jahaan Gupta

Founder- Project ‘I’m Earth’
Volunteers Team Leader

Jahaan Gupta holds the distinction of being the first volunteer to join forces with Saurabh Gupta, the founder of Earth5R. Together, they embarked on local cleanup and plantation drives in the Powai locality of Mumbai. Jahaan spearheaded the ‘I’m Earth’ project, a profound initiative symbolizing individual responsibility towards our planet. The project’s essence, ‘I am part of Earth and I am Earth myself,’ aimed to actively involve citizens and children in preserving their local environment.

Under this visionary project, Jahaan reached out to households and schools in his community, igniting a transformative movement. He conducted workshops in schools, teaching children the essentials of waste segregation and the art of composting. His approach demonstrated that significant environmental impact could start right from one’s home. Empowering children to be change-makers, Jahaan showed that environmental stewardship isn’t just an adult’s responsibility.

His dedication shone through in the Powai Lake cleaning initiatives and local plantation drives, inspiring thousands of children across Powai and other Mumbai areas. Jahaan’s influence extended to various schools, including renowned institutions like Podar International School and SM Shetty School. He also shared his knowledge with civil engineering students at Datta Meghe College of Engineering in Navi Mumbai and led substantial cleanup efforts within IIT Bombay, rallying a large contingent of volunteers.

In recognition of his impactful work, Jahaan’s stories were featured in local magazines, and he was invited by France’s Minister of Environment, Brune Poirson, to visit the Ministry of Environment in Paris. There, alongside Saurabh, Jahaan delivered an insightful talk to the French Environmental Cabinets, emphasizing the critical role of school children in environmental preservation.

Jahaan’s journey with Earth5R has been marked by relentless volunteerism and inspirational leadership, particularly in mobilizing school children towards environmental action. His exemplary role in the Earth5R program continues to echo across communities, driving forward a legacy of sustainability and empowerment.

“We’re the first generation to feel the impact of climate change and the last that can do something about it. Our time to act is now!”

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