Maximilian Berens earth5r volunteer

Maximilian Berens


Maximilian Berens, 26, is a volunteer from Germany. He studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Technology Braunschweig. During his studies, he got some professional work experience in the Automotive field while working for companies like Audi and Volkswagen. His strengths are to solve complex problems and find smart solutions. He hopes to work in the automotive industry after graduation.

Traveling through Asia has always been his passion. In the last few years, he has visited 10 colorful countries from India to the Philippines. On his way, he enjoyed the balanced way of life, beautiful landscapes, and the scrumptious food. Though he was shocked by the environmental pollution and unsustainable livelihood in some of these countries. He being motivated to bring a change, joined the team of Earth5R. He believes that it is of paramount importance to talk with people and develop their environmental awareness in order for them to see the need for altering climatic conditions