Mindfulness and Sustainability: The DIY Kit

KNOCK KNOCK! Who’s there? It’s mindfulness-led self-sustainability at your doorstep, neatly packed into three boxes labelled “Physical”, “Verbal”, and “Mental”. 

Each box contains tools that can help us build a balanced and sustainable lifestyle, and it’s like receiving the most incredible DIY kit to save the world!


This box is full of tools to help you make an impact through your actions. Think of it as a self-sustainability action figure! Everything we do physically affects the world around us. By choosing more planet-friendly meals, using a bicycle for commuting, or volunteering for community projects, we are like superheroes, using our physical actions to save the Earth!

Everything we do physically affects the world around us.

Imagine having a “Plant Power” meal instead of meat for dinner. It’s like a Power-Up for your health and for the planet. You’re using less water, emitting fewer greenhouse gases, and bonus points, you’re staying fit! 

Or let’s say you opt for bicycle or walking instead of the car for nearby errands, it’s like casting a spell that reduces carbon emissions. Every action counts, and our physical door tools help us leave a green footprint behind.


This box is like the ultimate communication device, enabling us to have respectful and impactful conversations about sustainability. It’s all about the power of words and how they can influence change.

Imagine using this tool in a debate about climate change, where you put on your ‘Fact-checker’ glasses and ‘Empathy’ hat. Instead of confusing or scaring people with misinformation, you are spreading awareness and inspiring action with clarity and compassion.

Let’s say you sit down with your family and talk about going green at home. That conversation could lead to home practices like recycling, composting, or reducing single-use items. It’s like you’ve just activated a ‘Green Home’ power-up, contributing to the fight against waste, one household at a time!


In this final box, you’ll find an array of mental power-ups and energy shields. It’s all about cultivating positive mental states and managing stress levels effectively.

Picture this: Instead of running after the newest phone or the latest fashion trends, you find happiness in a simple picnic in the park or a homemade meal. It’s like having a ‘Contentment Shield’ that protects you from excessive consumerism and reduces your ecological footprint.

Practising mindfulness, for example, is like a ‘Super Stress-Manager’. It helps you deal with life’s challenges and maintain your mental health, making you more resilient. It also powers up your ‘Conscious Choice-Maker’, enabling you to choose products that are ethically made and sustainably packaged.

Practising mindfulness, for example, is like a ‘Super Stress-Manager’. It helps you deal with life’s challenges and maintain your mental health, making you more resilient.

With these three toolboxes, self-sustainability becomes a fun, engaging, and achievable quest. By using these tools, you are not only sustaining yourself but also contributing to a larger, global mission. 

The physical, verbal, and mental doors are reminders that self-sustainability is an all-round mission, involving our actions, our words, and most importantly, our thoughts. So gear up, the mission to a sustainable future awaits!

Ready for a slower life? I am Saurabh Gupta, an environmentalist,  founder of Earth5R and a former monk. By day, an environmental entrepreneur by the weekend, a mindfulness teacher.

Want to be part of the group? email community(at)earth5r(dot)org for free mindfulness classes on weekend mornings IST.

Come join the sustainable and chill side of life!

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    Stunning Site, I hadn’t noticed earth5r.org prior to my searches!
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    Surprising Website, I hadn’t noticed earth5r.org in advance of my searches!
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