No Cracker Diwali Pledge In Bangalore

In 2014, Bengaluru saw the noise pollution levels increase by 34 percent during Diwali as compared to a normal day. This year, the Earth5R team is working hard in all the cities to bring the pollution down. In Bengaluru, this is one of the things that happened.

With Diwali around the corner, Parinitha and Parinisha sat wondering what they could do to create awareness about Diwali in a college full of people from all over the country. They wanted to do something different, and not limit their activity to just talking to people.

So on the 30th of October, 2015, with less than two weeks for Diwali, they decided that it was the perfect time to spread awareness about Diwali and the bursting of crackers and the pollution it causes, with a little more creativity. They used an old card board sheet and wrote on the top, “NO CRACKER DIWALI PLEDGE”.

They went all around college, convincing people to burst as little crackers as possible and got them to sign the pledge.

Plenty of people were really happy and were inspired by their initiative. They encouraged them to take up many more such activities.