The sources of noise pollution range from periodic prayer recitals throughout the day via loudspeakers present in mosques and temples to the constant honking on Indian roads’ massive traffic jams and congestion.

Research suggests that a typical Indian marriage generates noise pollution that is 20 times higher than the healthy limit. Such an excessive exposure leads to a host of maladies and negative health effects, such as anxiety, hearing loss, insomnia, and more.

Furthermore, during Indian festivals such as Diwali, firecrackers are burnt on a large scale. Due to this, we have to not only face bad air quality, but also suffer through severe noise pollution. Late night DJ’s have ruined countless individual’s sleep, moreover construction projects dotted throughout metro cities such as Mumbai Metro are just some of the sources of noise pollution.

The biggest problem related to noise pollution in India is disobeying silent zones’ rule. Silent zones are special zones such as schools, universities, hospitals, residential areas, etc.

In order to mitigate noise pollution, it is essential that the noise levels be within permissible limits. If not, awareness must be spread so that the government can take direct action with enough data and the voice of the people. 

Through the Earth5R app, you will have an opportunity to spread awareness about noise pollution. You will achieve this by performing a survey in your  locality to assess whether the noise levels are within permissible limits. This will be done via decibel-metre readings, which will be uploaded on the Earth5R app.

Earth5R will not only share your valuable survey readings within your community, but also inform your local government, and push for change. Thus, you will directly impact the noise pollution in your locality, and improve the well-being of your community.

Download Earth5R – Your environmental app, and spread sustainability in your locality!

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