Phylias Kwong


Phylias Kwong is from Hong Kong. She is studying Marketing and Electrical Engineering from Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She has long wanted to get a taste of the Indian culture since she was in the Secondary school. Exploration in India has broadened her horizon and offered her a chance in exploring herself at the same time. While observing the lifestyle in India, she has reflected deeply on her lifestyle and personal value back home in Hong Kong.

She loves eating, dancing and traveling. Instead of just going to new places for sightseeing and touring around to see those attractive architectures the place has to offer, she prefers enjoying the local means and embracing the culture diversity all over the globe. Hence, through her adventurous journey, she can discover the world thoroughly and be part of solutions for our planet.

After joining Earth5R, she has experienced how an organization can execute pragmatically and create a positive impact on the community and the environment. The strong and impressive mission of Earth5R has inspired her to devote into improving environmental conservation and gender equality. As a world citizen, she understands that each one of us should be responsible for maintaining the sustainability of the Earth and her resources. She hopes that through all the little steps she has and will take, a better world can be created; as her motto has always been, “Think different, and make a difference.”