Plantation Drive At Shalimar Bagh Delhi By Earth5R

A plantation drive lead by Sanchi Singh from Earth 5R Delhi team in St. Rosier Modern Public School,Shalimar bagh on 24th July 2015 taught the students about the plants,their importance in our lives and highlighted the facts on its deteriorating conditions.

Free samplings of seeds were distributed to the students along with a demo on planting a new seedling into a pot, showcasing the necessary precautions and steps to take for doing the same. Kids were also taught that how a waste can or a plastic bottle can be used as a pot for growing new samplings.

It is important for the students to get aware about the facts on how the green on the earth is turning into a dangerous red by the rapid rampant development by humans.

Eager kids ,their active participation and their quest for learning more left us with an enthralling as well as an enriching experience as although being at a young age they are well aware about the importance of plants and understands the need to grow more of them and safeguard our environment to mitigate the effects of the toxicity around.

Report by Sanchi Singh