Plantation Workshop For The Future Generation

You’ll be shocked to know that on our planet, 1,600 plasctic bottles are consumed every second!

You might have read about the negative effects of plastics and decided to reduce the amount of disposables you consume, and that’s a great direction to be heading in. But there’s another problem in the plastic-trash minefield that needs tackling —1,600 plastic water bottles are consumed every second. That is why there is a major problem for humans, the environment, and the animals on our planet.

Kids are the harbinger of hope. They hold the future of this debilitating world,  just like a barren land which when nurtured rightly flowers like a pristine world, similarly these kids when taught in the rightful manner gives us the fruit of a greener and a safer environment.

A plantation workshop lead by Sanchi Singh for Earth5R in Seelampur district taught the young kids about the plants, their importance in our lives and highlighted the facts on their deteriorating conditions.

A demonstration on planting a seeding into a pot was given, showcasing the necessary precautions and the steps to take for the healthy growth of plants. Kids were also taught how a waste can or a plastic bottle can be used as a pot for growing new samplings. Eager kids and their quest for learning more left us with an enthralling as well as an enriching experience.

 –Reported by Sanchi Singh. Edited by Pragya Lodha