Reusing Plastic Bottles For Plantation And A New Water Conservation: Hariyali & Earth5R

The members of Earth5R Mumbai team- Aniket Patil, Sagar Kulkarni, Nikita Shrawgi, Manish Jha, Kaksha Mahudkar and Darshana Kubal undertook a tree plantation on 19th July, 2015, in the forest area of Bhawale village, Thane.

The collective conscious of the team decided that,it would be more useful to conduct a tree plantation drive for the purpose of developing a forest area (Government recognized), rather than having a scattered plantation. This land, where the plantation was decided to be done, was once a barren land and was taken on lease by Hariyali Foundation.

The activity was planned to meet the pressing environment concerns of today in a simplistic manner. It was decided that plastic bottles be reused for water conservation, a rather great idea and a necessity to learn ways to reuse plastic. Trenches were dug out so as to increase the ground water percolation.

The tree plantation activity, a learning experience for all team members was blended with fun as the team members enjoyed playing around with street dogs and had fun feeding them.

In the process of the activity, the team not only learnt the basics of tree plantation but also contributed greenery to the barren patch. They also learnt creative ways to use old milk and plastic bags to grow saplings, as an alternate means of reducing plastic waste.

The entire team Earth5R conveys heartfelt thanks to the Hariyali Foundation, for having given the support.