Sarita Morris


Sarita Morris is studying Sports and Exercise Science in Canterbury, England. She is half Indonesian and half English, but has lived most of her childhood in Asia. Two different cultural backgrounds has shown her that with careful and organised projects, the environment can be sustained and if the citizens don’t act about it now, grave issues such as global warming will worsen.
Her passions in life are sports, traveling and helping this world become a better place. Sport has taught her to become a team player and she likes to believe that if you are motivated to accomplish your goals in life then you will surely achieve it, if you act on it. Traveling has opened her eyes and heart to all the different cultures and countries that constitutes the world. Also, she has understood now, how lucky some of us are to be able to live under a roof with good water, sanitation and food.
She finds it shocking that such huge number of people live under scarce conditions, but still manage to have a smile on their face. This is one of the reasons why Sarita decided to come to India. She wants to learn about the culture, the people and to learn how to provide education to those less fortunate. Hopefully with the help of Earth5R, she aspires to learn different techniques and ideas to help sustain and develop the environment and economy