Save The Beach Campaign With Corona The Discussion

On World Environment Day 2018, Saurabh Gupta, founder of a Mumbai-based environmental organization, Earth5R, was invited to be a panellist speaker for Corona’s #SaveTheBeach conference. Corona has launched multi-stakeholder project in collaboration with  The Earth Day Network,  Juhu- Soul of Mumbai, Earth5R and other local organisations to put forth efforts to clean up coastlines and prevent beaches from becoming filled with trash.

Other attendees at the conference included: Nalini Shekar (Executive Director and Founder – Hasirudala), Professor Chanakya (Chief Research Scientist – Centre of Sustainable Technologies), Jayesh Rambhia (Governing Council Member – AIPMA), Jan Clysner (Vice President – Procurement & Sustainability (APAC South)), Renu Hansraj (Juhu Ward Corporation and Founder, Juhu – Soul of the City), Melbra Pria (Ambassador of Mexico to India), and Bittu Sehgal (Founding editor of Sanctuary Asia).

During the discussion, Saurabh shared his insights about sustainable livelihood leading to sustainable development. He showcased this with examples from Earth5R’s project – ACT Powai, different types of waste (such as cloth and coffee) are being upcycled to create new products such as dolls made of coffee grounds. Creating these products has become an alternate source of livelihood for women from underprivileged communities who make them. Another such product is the ‘Almug Bag’ made by creative management of recycled newspapers. These sustainable bags are then sold to nearby stores. Thus, such initiatives recycle waste materials while avoiding the use of plastic bags, as well as providing an alternate source of income for these women.


The coast of Mumbai is known to be one of the most polluted coasts in the world. Amongst these, the beach at Juhu is the dirtiest of them all, with 50.61 tonnes of trash found on the beach. Many organizations and citizen groups have put forth efforts to clean the beloved Juhu Beach so that one day they may be able to enjoy it again. Earth5R has also conducted several cleanups along this coast. However, there is still a long way to go. The most important aspect to resolving any issue sustainably is ensuring its prevention of it in the future. This is why Earth5R has introduced the “ACT Powai” program to Corona’s Save the Beach campaign, with the hope of keeping the beach clean for many years to come.

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-Reported by Emily Griffins