Shreyas Chaudhari


Shreyas Chaudhari is an enthusiastic nature lover from Gandhinagar, always trying to find ways to preserve the environment while sustaining the basics in day to day life. He is currently pursuing B.Tech. from DA Institute of Information and Communication Technology, Gujarat.

Artist from heart, sketching and painting is what keeps him alive. The astonishing beauty of nature and its splendid colors always mesmerizes him. Being adventurous by nature, he invests most of his free time in hiking, playing football and watching documentaries on wildlife/nature. He strongly believes that deteriorating condition of our planet can be restored by inculcating environmental responsibility and culture into young generation. The patriotism within him resents iniquity, especially in case of natural resources.

Shreyas is also one of the instigator of ‘Clean Brigade’ and ‘Environment Club’ in his college. With putting such platforms together with his colleagues, he tries to come up with sustainable and technical solutions to tackle environmental issues at small scale. He also has an insight of the life of traditional rural farmers as well as sustainability potential of forest farming.

Through Earth5R, he wants to reach larger mass especially school students to support the cause of 5R’s. He firmly believes that art is not only for pleasing the eyes but if used for a cause, it can transform views and habits faster than any other medium.