Social Entrepreneurship and Financial Literacy Workshop at Varanasi

Financial literacy is instrumental for sustainable development, yet a majority of Indians, particularly in the rural parts of India, lack awareness when it comes to their social rights as citizens.

Rishika Jaiswal and Ritika Shrivastava from Earth5R Varanasi visited an area near Suswahi, in the outskirts of the city Varanasi to conduct a social entrepreneurship and financial literacy workshop.

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As has been often observed, villagers were not aware of their basic rights as a citizen. The team also noted that the head of the village – the Gram Pradhan – had not taken many efforts for building civic awareness amongst the villagers.

The Earth5R team educated the villagers about financial literacy, their basic rights, and conducted a session on creative waste management. The latter session playing a critical part in helping the villagers build a sustainable livelihood. The villagers can make products by recycling and upcycling waste products, and sell them to make a livelihood.

The Earth5R team also acquainted the men and women in the locality with the process of issuing an Aadhar card and ration card. The team talked to them about the various government projects and yojanas for women and girls that would benefit them.

Varanasi Earth5R Volunteer Community Development Mumbai India Environmental NGO

The team was delighted to find out that one of the women in the locality was already involved in making and selling jewelry. But was shocked to hear that she only earned Rs. 9 for a 12 beaded neckpiece. The team provided her with information on places where she could sell the jewelry herself and fetch a lot better value for her work.

Varanasi Earth5R Social Entrepreneurship Mumbai India Environmental NGO

It is amusing to know that these villagers carry so much potential as entrepreneurs and only need a hand of support from the society to realize their strength.

– Reported by Rishika  Jaiswal. Edited by Shaivya Sahare

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