Sustainable Fashion Highlights This Summer : Indian Home Grown Brands

Fashion industry is second only to oil when it comes to pollution, responsible for 20% of global industrial water pollution, and 10% of Carbon emissions

On top of that, textile mills use 20,000 chemicals, many of them carcinogenic, to make clothes.

Most of those clothes are made from plastic, which is creating a catastrophe in the making with microfibers in our oceans.

For the people who make these garments, sustainable fashion also means better working conditions, fairer pay, and less illegal sweatshops.

The only way to break this cycle of death, destruction, and pollution is to aim for sustainability. 

This percentage is so apparent because clothing brands across the world are manufacturing their clothes and running their businesses unethically without considering their environmental impact  If this continues at the rate it is at, our planet will continue to crawl down the path of destruction. 

Lets take a look at this years highlight on India  Sustainable fashion


Nicobar is a contemporary brand that focuses on modern India’s lifestyle and Fashion. They attribute their design style to Sri Lanka’s Geoferry Bawa. They use sustainable materials like organic cotton and linen or a blend of the both in their clothing items, although if you are looking for purely sustainable material their Denim can be avoided.  

Good Earth

Good Earth is India’s leading Luxury design house with its roots engraved in modern sustainability. Firstly Their brand philosophy focuses on sustainable traditions; followed by sustainable planet by providing zero waste packaging and finally by providing opportunities for Sustainable livelihoods. Good earth’s summer collection called FLOW features neutral tone Handloom linen collection. 


Doodlage Upcycles factory waste into short limited edition collections. They  Recycle post consumer waste and use it into new fabrics to create well finished garments made for longevity. All their pieces and fabrics are made with ethical production units and our packaging is designed to be plastic free. Their summer dresses and shirts are a must have for this summer, they get bonus points for making patchwork extra cool again 


Upasna is based out of Auroville, Pondicherry and they promote  the concepts of circularity and Sustainability. Upasna also focuses on using natural dyes, which reduces the footprint of your garment by almost half. 

The summer range of products from Upasana includes hand woven light coloured cotton garments. The Origami collection which is essentially upcycled garments are the ones that are to be looked out for the summer. Their collection on healing textiles is also a hard miss for folks looking out for conscious sustainable fashion. 


The brand name ILAMRA clearly states the brand’s purpose that is to promote 

Earth– ILA,  Mango Tree– AMRA , The Sun- RA.  ILAMRA intends to provide sustainable lifestyle solutions to people across the globe through design. 

It is set out to create an immersive community of sustainably conscious individuals, contributing in their own little ways to the socio-economic sustainability of the planet, through conversation and conscious consumerism. They repurpose packaging material and use old fabric to make upcycled pieces, you can be on the lookout for this section to add to your summer shopping list.

Brown Living

Brown living wants to make environmentally-sustainable products easily accessible to the consumer of today and create an awareness about conscious consumption. They have products for people from all age and demographics. Their range product for earth lovers is to be looked out for if you are looking for budget friendly sustainable options.

Amala Earth

Amala Earth is a way of conscious living built on a foundation rooted deeply in Indian origin. It brings together brands, products, experts and individuals that create a world where all living beings can co-exist harmoniously. Amala Earth provides responsible fashion options ranging from summer wear to yoga gear and intimate wear.