The Financial Express Recommends Investing In Green Funds

For Earth Day 2022, businesses are encouraged to adopt more sustainable practices under the theme “Invest in our Planet.” It is observed as International Mother Earth Day by the United Nations. A theme – “Harmony with Nature,” will mark the day.

On Earth Day 2022, UN ActNow has also provided several ways people can participate in the fight against climate change. Energy-saving methods have been promoted, transportation to work by public transportation has been emphasized, and vegetarian diets have been encouraged.

On Earth Day, Managing Director of 1M1B (One Million for One Billion) Foundation, Manav Subodh, said, “We need to go beyond talking and act now to build a safer and greener planet. Mobilizing youth at scale and engaging them to build solutions for a world they will inherit from us is important. We can’t wait! 1M1B aims to mobilize 100k youth leaders every year on green technology and climate. Engaging and investing in youth is key.”. 1M1B aims to create 1 Lakh Future Leaders in Climate Action.

We need to encourage entrepreneurs to enable young people to work to make a difference on the ground and become climate warriors. We have to start the action from today itself to save the planet, and it must be done for our future generations.

Source: The Financial Express