Tree Plantation In Powai By Environmental Organisation Earth5R

A tree plantation program in Powai was conducted by Mumbai based environmental organisation Earth5R. The occasion was due to volunteer Shashi Yadav’s birthday, who decided to celebrate by planting 50 trees.


Mumbai lost 60% of its green cover in 40 years. According to professor Bharath H Aithal, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur- “Mumbai, with one of the highest amount of sprawl, is heading towards a complete urban disaster. Basic amenities such as water and vegetation for pure air will be almost non-existent if planners do not take note and stop unplanned urbanization and outgrowth in the urban periphery.”

The city’s tree cover, which was more than 35% in the 1970s, is less than 13% today. Scientists from IISc said a region should have at least 33% green cover to ensure adequate oxygen to its citizens. – Hindustan Times

Major causes of contemporary deforestation may include corruption of government institutions, the inequitable distribution of wealth and power, population growth and overpopulation, and urbanization. Many also view globalization as a root cause of deforestation.


Shashi got in touch with the Earth5R team to support this idea. Earth5R ACT Powai team was more than happy to organise a tree plantation drive at Chandivali location at Powai.


The Earth5R team ensured that all the plants were procured from a local nursery to support the livelihood and business of a local gardener. Children from a nearby slum excitedly came by to help with and learn about the plantation. To reward their effort Shahsi gifted them with cricket kit so they can play an outdoor sport in open space near the plantation site, which helps their overall development.

To water these plants, women from a nearby slum community were asked to take care of a plan for the next few months until monsoon arrives. A truly circular model of community-driven environmental citizenship.

How would you like to celebrate your birthday this year?

A special thanks to Shashi Prabha, Sushma Yadav, Akanksha Tehlani, Ishit Patel, Ketul Patel, Saurabh Gupta, Alan, and Sharad Vegda for helping with the plantation!