Upcycling Garden At Mumbai High School

On Saturday, September 23, the last Green School Project workshop was held at Corporation of Greater Mumbai High School. The team today was formed by Yasmin, Shalini and the young Karen, only 16 years old, but who volunteers very seriously.

Also this time our audience was composed of about 40 students, 12 years old. Karen has just started his speech to motivate students on issues such as the environment, pollution, and recycling, and the idea of composting.

We asked questions and got answers: it was a time of sharing and knowledge.

Now, It’s time to recycle: newspapers, cartons, toilet paper rolls. A bit of glue and color.

And here’s the class has created their pencil stand to keep with them and always remember that a waste material can turn to be something else and be used all together.

The time of gardening is always the most fun. We are not interested in dirty our hands. Everyone wants to feel the earth in their hands, the smell of the seedlings and the joy of seeing a plastic bottle become a pot.

For this particular occasion, and with the help of the professors, we decided to hang our vessels and decorate the interior of the school.

Great experience!

Reported by Yasmin