Waste Management At Ahmedabad

A lot of waste was seen hanging around around the public places of ranip no one acted so Parth and Niraj decided to act. This two young people planned the activity with huge enthusiasm.

They planned activity on 13 September 2015 and executed the activity accordingly as the activity progressed the people started wondering who were this people and what were they doing so some of the people came forward and asked about them and why were they doing this in the answer to their question Panrh and Niraj explained them about the advantages of cleanliness and their affects they also explained     them about the disadvantages of the improper waste management.

Listening to them the people decided to ot throw the waste in the public places and throw it in dustbin.The activity was ended by proper disposal of waste in the bins provided by the AMC.

-Written by Parth Patel. Graphic Design by Pratik Dhamapurkar