Waste Management Via Upcycling At New Delhi

On 16 April, 2016 Tanvika Saini from Earth5R Delhi team conducted an Upcycling workshop for the children of an NGO called ‘Sahyog : Care for you’ in Mangolpuri, New Delhi.

She started with a discussion on air pollution, how to keep our environment green and clean and the ways to improve the environmental situation. There were 25 children and each one of them was enthusiastic. When asked about how they, as an individual could help in making the environments cleaner, their answers were really thoughtful and smart.

The young children said that they will have to take their own stand against the criminals of the environment, they’ll have to raise their voices no matter how others condemn them. It doesn’t matter if you stand out of the crowd because that’s what which makes you a hero, they added.

Since Mangolpuri is an urbanised village, it’s still a little backward and lacks such information and knowledge about sensitive topics.  According to Tanvika, it’s really important to impart this kind of knowledge in similar areas of our nation.

Tanvika also talked about how pollution could also deteriorate the health of a person. To this, a lot of students said that just because pollution affects the health , they don’t let their family members smoke cigarettes or beedis.

After the discussion, Tanvika Saini started with an up-cycling workshop and asked the children if there are things which can be reused again, ‘Newspapers, ice-cream sticks, CD’s’ were the answer given In a majority, they made things mostly out of old newspapers.

Tanvika asked them to make whatever things they wanted to make, on their own. Things which could be used in their life again, or could lighten up their houses or bedrooms. All the things made by the kids were beautiful and neat.

Among the students was also a child who was especially challenged but Tanvika found he put a lot of thought and made a wonderful wall hanging which was really impeccable and stood out of the crowd.
The kids enjoyed the activity, learnt new things and took a lot of happy moments back home.

-Reported by Tanvika Saini, Graphic design by Pratik Dhamapurkar.