Waste Management Workshop By Earth5R At ZPHS School Hyderabad

The Earth5R team at Hyderabad comprising of Praneetha, Pradeep and Abhilash had organized a workshop  with students of class 8 on waste management and it’s benefits in ZPHS School, Hyderabad. It was held on the 13th of August 2015. The session got a tremendous response from the children.

In this, the students were first given a brief introduction about the environment and the harmful effluents destroying it. Then they were introduced to the term “waste management” and the factors beneficial to it.

They were shown videos about a certain city which happened to bring change in a week. There was a question and answer session as well which made the Earth5R understand that the students were astonishingly well-equipped with the knowledge related to this subject. The message was surely delivered very clearly.

In the end, the students were made to write their feedback and toffees were distributed to all. There was no dustbin in the classroom but they didn’t throw the trash out. Instead, they put the wrappers in their backpacks without batting an eyelid. This is  when the workshop was really successful.

The workshop ended with a lot of learning, fun and frolic. It was a good day for the students as well as the Earth5R members.

Good work Praneetha, Abhilash, Pradeep and Sujan. Student participation is truly a great asset!