Waste Segregation At Jammu By Earth5R

Parks have always been an integral part of modern ecosystem, being a place to relax, walk, interact and recreate. But people tend to ignore their duty to keep these parks clean and it is deeply disturbing to see these beautiful green spaces being turned into a dumpyard.

On 12th October, the members of J&K Earth5R Team – Aaisha Syed, Aruj Mahajan and Arshina Singh , accompanied with their friends- Hanika Rajput and Raagav Bali, conducted a clean-up drive of Rajinder Park, Childrens Park and the walkway near it.

Lots of plastic bags, packets of chips and chocolate, and bottles were found littered on the ground which were picked up and properly disposed off into the dustbins. After clearing up Rajinder Park, the team went forward to the Children’s Park opposite to it and picked up wrappers and litter from there. It was noticed that the parents had disregard of the area’s cleanliness and sanitation of the place they visited so often and weren’t even asking their children not to litter!

After the Children’s Park, the team visited The Walkway which is frequented by people for evening walks and runs. The litter was picked up and put into the dustbins.

It is disheartening to see that people disregard the cleanliness of the places they and their families and kids visit almost everyday, we all need to develop a conscience towards keeping these places clean and setting a right example for the future generation.

-Reported by Arshina Singh.