Zero Waste Trainings And Composting Installations In Mumbai

On the 29th of April, the Earth5R team conducted a waste management workshop and installation at Sagar Heights in Saki Naka. Creating sustainable residential buildings is a part of Earth5R’s Zero Waste program under “ACT Powai”. Earth5R trains residents, housekeeping staff and maids about waste segregation at the source while informing them why this is so urgent as landfills are full. Composting is an easy way to reduce the mass of material in landfills. Therefore, Earth5R is helping make this resource available to buildings throughout the Powai area.

There are several different types of composting – such as vermicomposting – however, the most suitable type for buildings is mechanical composting. This is due to its easy maintenance and small space requirement. In addition, it doesn’t require any power. The composting unit simply needs to be turned each day, to push the breakdown process along.

As well as relieving pressures on landfills, compost units provide a nutrient-rich source of soil that is delivered to local farmers. This soil is free of cost and does not include any harsh chemicals that would otherwise be included in farming soils. This type of a waste management system targets all stakeholders and hence, integrates into a circular economy.

During the training, the team asked the residents about their thoughts on why composting is important and enlightened them about the different types of waste: dry waste, wet waste, and medical waste. Through discussion, the residents became aware of how the lack of segregation is harmful to the environment and if the waste is not segregated at the household level, it cannot be segregated in the future and will remain in a landfill.

Ketul gave a live demonstration on the segregation process and how to turn the machine. Overall, the workshop was successful, and Sagar Heights took a step towards becoming a zero-waste building.

-Reported by Emily Griffin and Anindita Mukhopadhyay