Awareness On Rain Water Harvesting At Lalbagh Botanical Gardens, Bangalore

Remember Captain Planet? Remember the planeteers? that were assigned the basic elements that made up Earth- Earth, Wind, Fire, Water and Heart? All of them had to combine their powers and summon Captain Planet. He couldn’t be summoned if any one of them was missing.

Now imagine our planet with one of the most important elements – water, to be diminishing. How would Earth survive?  How would we all survive? Water is one of those elements that is taken for granted, without realizing its vitality and is abused to a criminal extent without thinking about the dire consequence of its shortage. 

Water scarcity is a rapidly escalating global problem. As most of the water sources are getting polluted, there are millions out there that do not have access to the most basic need. The main source of water is ground water. This can be replenished by allowing the rainwater to seep into the ground. This is easy in the lush and dense jungles of the Earth but not in the concrete jungles and that’s where rainwater harvesting plays a key role.

So, the Earth5R team of Bangalore with its members: Ayesha, Ismail, Parinitha, Poorvi and Smrithi visited the Lal Baug Botanical Gardens to engage people to know the importance of rainwater harvesting. The team addressed people and also a group of school students who were present there. When general questioned about rain water harvesting. The students seemed to know a good deal about it.

This made the team’s job a little easier. The team made sure they understood the depth of rainwater harvesting and how it shouldn’t be overlooked, especially in this day and age. The team also conducted an interactive session by collaborating with Beautiful Bangalore.

– Impact report by Poorvi Ammanna. Edited by Pragya Lodha and Saritha Ramanjaneyulu, Graphic Design by Raghunath Sarfare