Building Circular Economy At Mumbai

Plastic pollution is a rising Global crisis and the problem is ever increasing since the invention of plastic. Large cities like Mumbai are drowning in plastic waste because of the increasing consumption and changing consumer patterns.  In recent years companies have been known to switch their packaging from environment-friendly options like metal and glass to plastic because of ease of production., low cost as well as consumer ease.

Current Waste Problem

Earth5R conducted a survey under our largest citizen volunteer program called Know your Plastics. In nutshell, plastic waste is collected in a time-bound activity. After collection, the volunteers are expected to segregate and study the waste as per the training provided. Every citizen is expected to do the activity at multiple times, locations, and times to ensure uniform data analysis. All the citizen data is then scrutinized by our experts and consolidated data is generated. 

Please note that Know your Plastics data collected by our volunteers are subjective to external conditions. The data collected is from the natural ecosystem and is exposed to all citizens and ragpickers. 

To solve this problem Earth5R is currently running a Plastic Credit program in most of the major cities of India where Earth5R has a large presence of Citizen Volunteers.

The team is building awareness and creating massive training on plastic waste management, segregation techniques, and understanding different types of plastic 

This Program is also encouraging citizens to formally collect Plastic and other waste, and channelize it to recyclers so that the plastic does not lead to the natural ecosystem and water bodies. 

Earth5R has been partnering with various waste management companies, waste collectors, recyclers, and ragpickers across India and one of our leading partners is Clean GeoSphere.

Clean GeoSphere’s Waste management deals with all types of waste, including industrial, biological, and household. After studying about Waste Management Industry the Founder Mr. Mohd Imran Khan embarked on his battle against this waste crisis with very small steps. And after two years in this industry, you can realize that there is hardly any person in the industry who works with such a level of empathy. He believes that his autodidactic tendencies have helped him come this far. What’s interesting is that Clean Geophere particularly specializes in the challenges of Waste Management in a developing country. 

Orphan plastic is plastic waste that’s abandoned, mismanaged, and non-recyclable. These are the single-use plastics, plastic bags, plastic packaging, and other cheap plastic that is found everywhere and is difficult to get rid of.HTTPS://TONTOTON.COM/ORPHAN-PLASTICS-WHY-DO-WE-NEED-TO-PAY-ATTENTION/

Compostable organic waste is sent over for composting, which is eventually used as compost at agricultural lands across India. Prior to composting our recyclers are focusing on segregating and processing leftover food for making pellets, used as fodder for animals. Expired bread is the largest raw material used to make fodder. 

Earth5R is looking forward to partnering with all types of companies that are involved in producing, generating, or using Plastic products. 

Earth5R formally invites companies to partner for recycling the waste, Companies would receive plastic Credits on Credit exchanging platforms. The entire tracking happens via blockchain technology with a high level of transparency, this creates a circular economy where people at the bottom of the pyramid are also getting a livelihood, and are paid fairly in a very transparent.

We encourage not just companies who are looking to meet their EPR compliances, but companies who are looking to work in meaningful CSR activities, and fight the largest problem of developing India.