Volunteers Build Sustainable Communities


Volunteers Build Sustainable Communities Volunteers run clean-ups are an important part of environmental and social initiatives – a community act which makes it possible to collaborate with local enthusiasts, volunteers and other important stakeholders. At the same time, it’s important that cleanup programs are effective, sustainable and designed to make an impact. The daily waste generated across […]

Building Green Young Leaders


Building Green Young Leaders Earth5R volunteers went to a nursery school in Powai to raise awareness among young children about the waste issue under the ACT Powai project, negatively impacting the environment in which they grow-up. This activity was supported by Swiss Airlines Staff Foundation.   Earth5R volunteers engaged children, who were restless after a long […]

Building Circular Economy At Mumbai


Building Circular Economy At Mumbai Plastic pollution is a rising Global crisis and the problem is ever increasing since the invention of plastic. Large cities like Mumbai are drowning in plastic waste because of the increasing consumption and changing consumer patterns.  In recent years companies have been known to switch their packaging from environment-friendly options […]