Clean-Up Drive At Whitecity Layout Playground By Earth5R Bangalore

The Bangalore Whitecity layout, a play zone for children, a peaceful green place for youngsters, a place for leisure for adults and the elderly, is being converted into a dump-yard. It gives a sinking feeling to see people litter this place and throw away garbage without conscience. Bangalore Earth5R team members Nayanika Majumdar and Akshay A conducted a clean-up drive in this area on 31st August 2015.

A very large amount of plastics, polyethene bags, cardboard paper, product packaging and glass bottles make the playground a junk-pile. With a dedicated decision to clean up the play area, it was made sure the wet and the dry waste was appropriately disposed away.

It was also noticed that a few children were playing in the nearby lake which was contaminated with sewage water at one end and peripherally littered by trash. Unaware of the ill-effects of contamination, the children enjoyed splashing and playing around in the water. Despite the efforts of making them aware of the impact of dirty water could have on their health, the children seemed to continue to play care-freely.

There is an emerging united realisation that people do realise the environmental degradation that is happening in and around their surroundings, and all that they need is an affirmed voluntary effort to save this dwindling beauty of nature. And their voice can be given shape by such continuous efforts.

Reported by Nayanika Majumdar, edited by Vandita Morarka