COVID-19 Training – Awareness, Response & Self Sustainability

The outbreak of coronavirus has caused disrupt to world economies and Earth5R has taken up the initiatives to create action-oriented training to combat and slow down the pandemic.

Saurabh Gupta came up with an idea for conducting COVID Training on Awareness, Response & Self Sustainability at a global scale.

Saurabh Gupta is the founder and CEO of Earth5R and a social entrepreneur who believes in inner and outer sustainability. Earth5R is an environmental organisation with a purpose to bridge the gap between action and talking. Earth5R is a global platform for the youth who are interested in taking action for real results in sustainability.

Anu Chaudhary interviewed Saurabh Gupta on his idea of Covid- 19 training and why this training is so important.

How did you come up with the idea of creating an online training programme?

SG: Due to the current lockdown, it has become difficult to take any actions or programme as an organisation with lots of volunteers. The situation had become challenging and pushed us to find new ways to create tangible action-oriented service.

We started noticing that during the lockdown period, some people are still breaking the rules of the quarantine and social distancing, which are the social codes for the lockdown. It is a result of social unconsciousness and lack of awareness. These handful of people are being extremely selfish. Social intelligence needs to be developed. They need to realize that they are a part of the social fabric. These people may be financially successful, but they need to act socially responsible and be more conscious. People who are breaking the social codes of quarantine should be held liable and challenged by people around them.

This programme is an initiative to have a conversation with such people, educate and train them in order to be sustainable in the time of the pandemic.

Also, there is a lot of misinformation over different media, and the advice from WHO has been constantly changing. This training helps provide updated information to maintain self sustainability in the time of such pandemic.SAURABH GUPTA

What is the structure of the training programme?

SG: The training programme is conducted virtually, by our volunteers and interested participants. The training is very comprehensive and simple, inclined towards self sustainability actions that are easy to follow up, The training is proposed to be conducted through different modes, as per the convenience. The training suggests authentic and universal tips and strategies, which have been verified and compiled together at one place. The training is to ensure people get a better immunity defence system to combat the effects of coronavirus.

The training is conducted by the volunteer, who not only trains the person for self-sustainability and awareness against coronavirus but also equips the other person to hold such training to for more people. This training uses ‘The power of one’ to create a global chain of the training, thereby reaching out to maximum people possible.

What are the strategies to make this training reach out to the general public?

SG: This training can be conducted by anyone. There is also flexibility in the mode of training. For the people who do not have access to the internet, training can be conducted over mobile phone. People can also use social media in order to spread awareness and conduct such training. To start, I ask volunteers to train the people who serve them, for example, housemaids, milkmen, etc. and suggest them to further train their known ones around.

Also, the training is available in different languages. People who will further conduct the training are required to conduct it in regional/local languages to improve the effectiveness of the programme.

How is the COVID training going to benefit the public?

SG: As a healthcare expert, specialising in immunity, I have narrowed down two possible ways to tackle this pandemic. The first way of course is to avoid contact and practice social distancing norms in order to cut off hosts for these viruses to breed. Even if a person is exposed to the coronavirus, and chances are at some point a lot of people will have an exposure, having a strong immune system and emotional and mental balance can help people defend themselves.

This training equips and guides people in both the aspects and integrates national healthcare at home and encourages the practice of self sustainability. Immunity and sustainability is our only national defence to reduce the impact of pandemic as much as possible.
How will this training help people post lockdown?

SG: Once the lockdown is lifted, people will carry on their daily activities, including social gatherings. There is a possibility of the virus spreading out again as it cannot be eliminated altogether. Some people might be carriers of the virus without being aware. As a healthcare expert, vaccines work differently on different demographics and the effects vary in different countries. Even if the vaccine is made, it may not have the same results in different persons.

Moreover, the availability of the vaccine can also be limited. Our best bet to fight against coronavirus is to have a strong immunity defence and maintain personal hygiene and sustainability.

What are the plans for scaling up and funding this training?

SG: Earth5R has been approached by the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) department of many companies and governments as well. Since the coronavirus pandemic is a global issue, many authorities in companies and governments have shown interest in our training programme.

We are also looking out to contact investors who can help us scale this training on a larger level. We are also looking to partner with WHO to scale up this training at a global level.

How can people reach out to Earth5R to assist or partner up for this training?

SG: Any organisation, officials or interested people, who would like to contribute to this programme can reach out to Earth5R via email.


Earth5R is an environmental organization from India with its head office at Mumbai. It works with the NGO sector, Companies and helps them conduct environmental corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs across India. Earth5R specializes in circular economy based projects. Earth5R also offers short term and long term environmental courses.

Earth5R is conducting large scale online training on COVID 19 Coronavirus prevention, response, management and self-sustainability. These trainings are conducted on digital platforms in regional languages across India and other countries.

Earth5R’s Global Sustainability Hub is a cross-sector and cross-country collaboration in pursuit of UN Sustainable Development Goals. It is an excellent opportunity for governments and the private sector to engage with communities, use Sustainability-based models to drive economic changes and create social and environmental impact.