Entrepreneurship And Livelihood Generation Workshop, Pune

Recycling waste material and making a livelihood out of it is the best way to put the recycled material to use. We have been hearing about recycling paper waste for a long time now. Having a business model that promotes recycling paper waste and helps solve financial problems for some could be beneficial in several ways.

On 26th April, there was a paper bag workshop conducted by Earth5R Pune team member Sonam Sengar at Warje, Pune. This was the second visit to this community. On her first visit, Sonam provided the community members with environmental education and financial literacy.

As the next step to the entrepreneurship program, a paper bag workshop was conducted for the people in this community. People in this community were really looking forward to this. Everyone participated with great enthusiasm to learn through this workshop.

People in this community were guided on how they could use these paper bags as a source of income. Sonam Sengar also educated them on using the waste material effectively via a business model, which would minimize the amount of money invested in the required raw material. Women realized how this could also solve some pressing environmental issues.

The kids in the community too participated and were able to make paper bags very well. It was great to listen to the kids discuss how they would use these bags in their daily lives. Such awareness among the kids is going to teach them how making some small changes in their lifestyle could help preserve the environment.

-Reported by Sonam Sengar, Photos by the Children of the Community