Environmental Awareness at Old Age Home, Hyderabad

Elders are our national treasure, their wisdom is an ocean. Praneetha Radha and Sowmya Asadi from Hyderabad team of Earth5R organised an environmental awareness workshop on 26th January at old age home named Aashraya.

The residents were well aware with the present situation and were very concerned about it. Most of the elders that Earth5R team met were educated. They expressed their disbelief in the lifestyle of the present generation. They were worried about the blind race to a smart development which is destroying trees and everything along the way.

They spoke about the time where they used to have a compost heap in every house which was mandatory, something which is now introduced as a new concept. Indeed, circle of life!  

Hyderabad Community Development Mumbai India Environmental NGO Earth5R
Hyderabad Community Development Volunteers Mumbai India Environmental NGO Earth5R
Hyderabad Community Development Volunteer Mumbai India Environmental NGO Earth5R

Earth5R team learned to revisit the old techniques which were practiced in the past. These methods ensured well being for the community and were implemented extensively.  The society needs to be sustainable and there are certain changes which are urgent now. The alarming rate of deforestation is decreasing the life span of all living beings on the planet. The team ended the activity and interaction with insights received from the wise.

-Written by Sowmya Asadi, Edited by Saritha Ramanjaneyulu, Graphic Design by Pratik Dhamapurkar & Raghunath Safare

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