Fight Climate Change With UNFCCC: Climate Neutral Now

In 2020, Earth5R joined the United Nations’ Climate Neutral Now Initiative, along with 31 other signatories, to accomplish bold climate actions that tackle their climate footprint.


Launched in 2015 by the United Nations Climate Change, the Climate Neutral Now Initiative serves to inspire everyone to take climate action in order to achieve a climate neutral world by 2050, as detailed in the Paris Agreement.

Climate Neutral Now Initiative (UNFCCC)

Organizations, governments and citizens are invited to implement concrete actions to tackle their climate footprint through a three-step process.

The Climate Neutral Now Initiative aims to achieve its goal for a climate neutral world by actively engaging in the following 3 process: 

  • Through quantifying greenhouse emissions
  • Reducing the emissions through purposeful actions
  • Compensating emissions that cannot be prevented by using UN certified emission reductions (CERs) for green projects

From enacting green projects, CERS – also known as carbon credits – are generated to compensate for one’s unpreventable greenhouse emissions. Some benefits of generating or buying carbon credits include encouraging the development of more climate-friendly projects, bringing sustainable development benefits to communities, and achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN News)

Actions taken now to achieve Sustainable Development Goals will drive the change within the industry towards global climate action in order to minimize the effects of climate change on our planet.

By taking the pledge for the Climate Neutral Now Initiative, organizations are demonstrating their commitment to climate action and, in the process, unlocking many potential economic benefits such as growth, jobs, and innovation.


In 2020, Earth5R officially joined the Climate Neutral Now Initiative to further accomplish climate actions to reduce greenhouse emissions and aim for a climate neutral world by 2050.

As a citizen-led environmental organization dedicated to creating sustainable communities, Earth5R has achieved many milestones throughout its history and hopes to achieve more as a new member of the Initiative.


Presented at the Paris Peace Forum in 2018, Earth5R’s ACT Global Project introduced a novel perspective of Sustainable Development through Action, Collaboration, and Transformation (ACT). Through collaborative citizen-led initiatives, Earth5R addressed sustainability issues within the community.

Earth5R at the Paris Peace Forum (Earth5R)

The ACT Global Project brings communities together and develops a symbiotic system that is beautifully driven by multiple stakeholders.

Working with local citizens, Earth5R seeks to address sustainability issues that affect local ecosystems through empowering communities with social entrepreneurship.

For instance, under the ACT Project in Powai, India, the Earth5R team succeeded in starting sustainable tree plantations in order to simultaneously create a sustainable model to combat deforestation in Powai while also providing means of livelihood to the slum women who were trained to grow and later sell the saplings used for the plantation programs.

Sustainable Tree Plantation under ACT Powai which empowered the slum women (Earth5R)

This is a great initiative that promotes environmental conservation, builds climate resilience by reducing our carbon footprint and at the same time, it fosters a source of income for the families.

Similar projects under the ACT Powai, such as creating benches from plastic bottle caps, have also promoted a circular economic approach in society by creating economic benefits for the underprivileged people while cleaning the local ecosystem.

Creating Benches from Plastic Bottle Caps Under ACT Powai (Earth5R)

The ACT Project under the Earth5R team generated economic and environmental benefits for the future while also taking steps towards addressing sustainability issues within society.

With previous contributions to the environment along with its new participation in the Climate Neutral Now Initiative, Earth5R is reaching actively towards creating Circular Economy based Zero Waste Communities.

Reach out to Earth5R to know more about solving environmental issues by creating a circular economy based sustainability project.


Earth5R is an environmental organization from India with its head office at Mumbai. It works with the NGO sector, Companies and helps them conduct environmental corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs across India. Earth5R specializes in circular economy based projects. Earth5R also offers short term and long term environmental courses.

Earth5R’s Global Sustainability Hub is a cross-sector and cross-country collaboration in pursuit of UN Sustainable Development Goals. It is an excellent opportunity for governments and the private sector to engage with communities, use Sustainability-based models to drive economic changes, and create social and environmental impact.

– Reported by Claire Hsu, edited by Riya Dani