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Driven by 50,000 plus volunteers globally, Earth5R is one of the largest citizen-led environmental movements.

Earth5R focuses on creating Zero Waste communities while reducing poverty and restoring the local ecosystem.

The 5Rs of Earth5R refer to 5 Earth values: Respect, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Restore.

The mission of ACT Global is to drive a sustainable change by empowering communities through social entrepreneurship, and by building a model of Action, Collaboration and Transformation (ACT). Earth5R specialises in sustainable development, with a specific focus on women and economic inclusion.

Earth5R works with citizens in meeting needs and addressing sustainability issues that affect their local ecosystem.

ACT Global project of Earth5R introduces a fresh perspective on ‘Sustainable Development’ which emphasizes collaborative citizen-led initiatives. It brings communities together and develops a symbiotic ecosystem that is beautifully driven by different stakeholders. Residential buildings and local businesses move towards zero waste while creating a positive environmental, social and economic impact in the locality.

ACT Global project includes solid waste management, sustainable livelihood program for communities, Blockchain based solar energy distribution, urban gardening and afforestation.

Earth5R works on the ideology that no government, no agency, no NGO can do alone what citizens can do collectively by just sharing some of their time and attention to important issues that affect the planet.

Till now 40,000 underprivileged families across India using upcycling based sustainable livelihood model.

2,70,000 families in slums and villages across India received financial literacy. 1,20,000 families have been educated in livelihood skills.

This includes skill training workshops in converting environmental waste into usable products that sell in the market.

In the past year, Earth5R has brought together citizens, ragpickers and local recyclers to create a niche of community-based plastic recycling process.

Why It Matters

Climate Change
Changes in climate influence every aspect of our being, and oceans are no exception, unfortunately.
Food Security
The food that comes from seas and oceans is the main food for some countries.
Marine Life
Marine life is concerned with the plants, animals and other organisms that live in the ocean.
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