Inspiring Change, One Challenge at a Time: Earth5R App’s Quest for Sustainable Living.

Staying up-to-date on sustainability and adopting lifestyle adjustments for a greener planet is critical in an age of environmental awareness. 

Earth5R app educates people about sustainability and conservation using unique approaches.

This article discusses how Earth5R app challenges and campaigns inspire sustainable practices in business and life.

Sustainable Earth5R Challenges:
Earth5R challenges encourage sustainable living and environmental conservation. These challenges cover –


    1. Sustainable fashion brands, 

    1. Green meals, 

    1. Sustainable transport, 

    1. Rural sustainability, 

    1. Sustainable personal care, 

    1. Digital cleanup, 

    1. Green buildings, 

    1. Green offices,

    1. Sustainability learning, 

    1. CSR activities, 

    1. Positive eco news, 

    1. Track your fitness, 

    1. Spending time with nature, 

    1. Reuse and upcycling and many more


E.g- Corporate Sustainability Challenge – Green offices


E.g- Individual Sustainability Challenge– India’s Green Traditions


E.g – Corporate Social Challenge – CSR Initiatives


E.g – Individual Sustainability Challenge – Sustainable Fashion Brands

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Click- Actions > Select Challenges and participate in the challenges and earn green points.

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