Mula-mutha River Cleanup At Pune By Earth5r

The Mula-Mutha river of Pune is one of the most polluted rivers in India. The amount of sewage and industrial pollutants dumped in the river are responsible for this. There is no separation of waste materials in residential areas. The industrial pollutants generated aren’t clarified or filtered before they’re thrown into the river resulting in a serious threat to its marine life.

The Mula-Mutha river has been gaining some attention lately only due to the fact that the colour of the water has drastically turned from blue to greyish black. The plastic that is thrown into the river forms a layer on the surface, sealing it and preventing its access to oxygen and sunlight. The river is home to a large number of migrating birds and other cattle. These animals and birds are the first to fall victim to the plastic intake.

Earth5R took initiative by cleaning up the banks of the Mula-Mutha river. The team that took this initiative forward was Shriyam Jalan, Madhavi Ninganur, Sonam Sengar and Saurabh Gupta. The project involved cleaning up the plastic that was thrown on the banks of the river which would otherwise form a layer on the river eventually. It took two hours to do a thorough cleanup of the banks of the river. Several huge garbage bags were filled with the trash collected by the team.

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