Nischal Mainali


Nischal Mainali is from Nepal. He is currently a freshman pursuing a degree in Economics and Mathematics at New York University Abu Dhabi.

Nishchal has lived in the capital, Kathmandu for the most part of his life and has formed a close relationship with modern middle-class Nepali society. He left Nepal for undergraduate studies with a strong desire to change the situations in his country.

Nischal likes to believe in possibilities and be optimistic about the future. His hope, therefore, is that things are going to get better and his dream is to be there playing a role when it happens.

He has always considered himself incredibly lucky to be where he is right now, but life is very different and harder for Nepali youth. And he has come to believe that the reason is an utter lack of opportunities. Furthermore, he doesn’t believe in charity. Nischal believes in giving people opportunities and trusting them to help themselves. That, he thinks is the reason he finds this sector of social entrepreneurship particularly exciting.

On a different note, he likes playing guitar, reading random books and traveling to random places. Also, he likes learning random.