Recycling Workshop For School Children At Varanasi

In order to conserve a clean, beautiful earth to live in, it is crucial we teach students at a young age the importance of recycling and reusing. Students are quick to take in information at this learning age of their lives. They are highly creative and more than ready to grab some glue and paper and start their own paper mache workshop. So what better age to teach them about eco-friendly paper bags.

Rishika Jaiswal and Ritika Shrivastava from Earth5R Varanasi visited Lala Lajpat Rai Paathshala, a local school at Varanasi to organize a paper bag workshop for children.

They started the session with an EarthTalk and eased into the workshop as the children grew curious. There were several children who lived in the nearby slums. The Earth5R team educated them about the adverse effects that plastic has on the environment. And why plastic should not be burned as a fuel, as the fumes are carcinogenic in nature.

The team helped these children make bags out of old newspaper alongside them. They also suggested ways they could make other items out of paper, like boxes, toys, and decorative items.

The children being children seemed to have a great time taking up this sustainable DIY project.

– Reported by Rishika Jaiswal. Edited by Shaivya Sahare