Rohith Prakash


Currently pursuing a degree in Energy Science and Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, Rohith aims to utilize his education and passion for the environmental causes. Rohith strongly believes in sustainable usage of the resources that the environment provides us and he firmly stands on his ideals.

Right from the early exposure to environment conservation through school projects and partnership with TERI University, New Delhi, he believes in the small steps that we can take towards creating the world we envision. Rohith aims to use technology, develop pro-environmental behaviour and doesn’t believe that technological advancement comes as a trade-off to biosphere harmony. Experimenting right from in-house waste collection and the various methods for recycling tetra-paks, milk packets to the burnt matchstick up-cycling, he thinks that there is no dearth of such innovative ideas to bring about a noteworthy change. He aims to integrate these small steps into our daily lives which goes along the road to total sustainability.