Uma Priya Chandran


Uma Priya Chandran is from Malaysia. She is a first year Actuarial Science student at Heriot Watt University Malaysia.

She is an avid reader and loves listening to pop music. Her love for the outdoors started when she went on an expedition to Borneo for 10 weeks where she worked on community and environmental projects. At the same time, she enjoys jungle trekking and has gained her scuba diving license. She is a member of Mensa Malaysia and enjoys Sudoku and listening to Ted talks during her spare time. She has volunteered for the Relay for Life event as the cause is very dear to her heart. She enjoys meeting new people from all around the world and getting to know their stories as they inspire her to explore and try out new things.

She is passionate about women’s rights and gender equality. She believes that Earth5R is a great platform to help women be entrepreneurs as they can use their skills to create businesses out of recycled items and help them stand on their feet. She also thinks that this helps in the sustainability of the environment and reduces the pollution. She hopes to learn more from this organization and bring awareness of it back to her home country.